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 We carry OEM and aftermarket parts for Meyer*, (and some basic parts for) Western*, and Fisher* snowplows. We specialize in Meyer snow plows. We are an Authorized Meyer Dealer. We are Meyer Factory Trained and proud of it. We supply National Fleet Management firms, State and Government Agencies, Municipalities, Manufacturers, Schools, Contractors, Farmers, and Homeowners with Meyer plow parts. We work with Insurance Adjusters and Body Shops. We ship UPS and USPS daily in season. Off season twice a week usually. We have a YouTube Channel where we post helpful instructional videos. When you need a snow plow part, there can never be enough snowplow part dealers. Having plowed snow commercially in Northern NJ for over 35 years, we have been in your shoes before! It is not a question of if your snowplow will need service, or repairs, but rather when. Chances are, if it has to do with Meyer plows you will find the info you need right here or if you scroll to the bottom of this page there is a list of links to our other sites with TONS of Meyer info! E Mail is the best way to contact us .

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8-25-22 We are NOT accepting pumps for rebuilding, and not anytime soon.

6-2-23 Meyer E-60 2 Lug Motor Assembly

Oldest Meyer Advertising Brochure

Removing the E-57 Pump Relief Valve


Meyer Lot Pro 9

ONLY ONE. $1066.25 tax included


Rebuilt Units

Only these 4 rebuilts unit in total.


Custom E-58 - $1500

We will also be listing (2) E-60 units and (1) E-47 in the next few days.
Only 4 rebuilts unit in total.

1-18-23 2015 Toyota Tacoma- Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" SOS Install

1-13-23 Lifted 2008 Jeep Wrangler- Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" Install

1-10-23 Meyer Plow Light Wiring - No Headlight Adapter Available? -
What now?

8-25-22 2014 Jeep Wrangler Drive Pro Install -
My LAST E-72!!

8-25-22 2022 Ford F-250 Meyer Lot Pro 8 Install

8-24-22 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Meyer Drive Pro Install

7-20-22 2022 GMC 3500HD Lot Pro 8 Truck Side Install

2-8-22 Meyer E-47,57,60 Pilot Check Valve Inspection
video. If your plow does not hold right angle, this may be why.

2-6-22 Update
LONG overdue.

1-19-21 2020 Chevrolet 2500HD Lot Pro Install
New truck old plow.

2019 Ford F-250 Super V2, new truck, old plow.

1-17-21 Meyer Plows FAQ January 2021

Some installs from the fall:

2020 Jeep Gladiator JT Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" SOS Install

2021 Toyota Tacoma Truck Side install only. Plow was on a 2010 Jeep Liberty.

3-10-20 Buyers Salt Dogg UTS HV715E Spreader Valve Block info.

2-25-20 We have all been there, for whatever reason, your Meyer plow is stuck to the left, or stuck to the right, and you can't even disconnect the Couplers because of the pressure in the lines. People remove the Couplers, unscrew the C Valve, use a hammer and screwdriver to pop them off, etc. Well here is a video showing you how to easily dump the pressure without getting a drop of fluid on your hands. Less than 1 minute to setup and the pressure is dumped in less than 10 seconds.

2-10-20 Just added my first actual article on this site. There is just a lack of information that I think is unacceptable, so I am sharing what I know and what I am figuring out about these plows, mainly the hydraulics. Here are the Home Plow by Meyer Hydraulics Specifications.

2-7-20 Just added Frequently Searched Phrases that brought visitors to our web site in January 2020.
Maybe the answer you have been looking for is in the list? Meyer Plows FAQ January 2020


EZ Classic Mounting Carton Part numbers and install instructions. I made a page where there are two links for each Mounting Carton. One is a quick link that takes you to eBay to search for the Meyer EZ Classic Mounting Carton you need, and the other is a link to the install instructions on the Meyer web site. I will be doing the same for EZ Custom, EZ Plus / MDII and Drive Pro.


Toggles for use with Meyer Touchpad Harness
SKU: toggles-to-touchpad
Toggle Switch Controls for use with Meyer Touchpad Harness
We have all been there with a Touchpad. The red overload light keeps coming on, and you have to reset the controller, but it keeps happening. This is because the Touchpad is constantly sensing amp draw and continuity of each function. THIS solves your problem......
Manufacturer: Smith Brothers Services, LLC

Adapter Harness to Replace Meyer Touchpad with Toggle Controls
SKU: M22154-M15478
Adapter Harness to Replace Meyer Touchpad with Toggle Controls
Adapter Harness to Replace Meyer Touchpad with Toggle Controls. We make these in the shop. M15478-pigtail pictured as well but not included. Switches not included, Adapter Harness ONLY. Click on Related tab for more connector options.
Manufacturer: Smith Brothers Services, LLC
Meyer Toggle Switch Controls Connectors with Pigtail (Repair or Convert)
SKU: M15478-pigtail
Meyer Toggle Switch Controls Connectors with Pigtail (Repair or Convert)
Meyer Toggle Switch Controls Connectors with Pigtail. Use to replace damaged connectors on back of switches, or convert a Slik Stik or Touchpad Harness to use Toggles instead. The old Dodge Sno Commanders had Chrysler connectors and switches. Replace with

10-10-19 1998 Dodge - More repairs Page 9 added


2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" Standard Operating System (SOS) Plow Install

Videos Part 1
Part 2 Part 3


2004 Jeep Wrangler Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" Standard Operating System (SOS) Install

Videos Part 1
Part 2 Part 3
Part 4 Part 5
Part 6 Part 7
Part 8 Part 9


It took 3 months to build this set of gates for a local customer. The only parts not hand made or hand cut
are the letters, the (cast steel) balls on top of the posts, and the leaves (cast steel).

4-15-19 Video: Meyer Plows 15478SP Toggle Harness ConnectorsRemoving Terminals from plugs.
Installing Terminals in plugs, and crimping on new terminals.

3-30-19 Plow Install Pictures

2007 Ford F-150 Meyer Drive Pro 7' 6" SOS

2008 GMC 1500 Meyer Drive Pro 7' 6" SOS

2010 Nissan Frontier Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" SOS

2011 Dodge Ram Meyer Drive Pro 7' 6" SOS

2015 Ram 2500 Meyer Lot Pro 8 SOS Install

2015 Toyota Tundra Meyer Drive Pro 7' 6" SOS

2016 Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" SOS

2016 Ford F-450 Meyer Super V2 9' 6" Install

2017 Ford F-250 Meyer Lot Pro 8 SOS Install

2017 Ram 2500HD Meyer Super V2 8' 6" Stainless Install

2018 Ram 3500 SRW Meyer Lot Pro 8 SOS Install

2018 Ram 5500HD Meyer Super V2 9' 6" Install


Do you want to Mount your Socket?

Here are some ideas (over 50 examples).
Mounting the Meyer 22691 and 22691S Harness Socket

1-5-19 Meyer Plow Hose Information- Which one do you need?

8-14-18 Meyer Standard Operating System Page 4 added

8-14-18 Meyer Drive Pro Standard Operating System UPGRADES

8-9-18 Meyer Standard Operating System Page 3 added

6-23-18 I fabricated a thumb for a Kioti KB3475 Backhoe, and repaired cracks in the frame. Kioti KB2475 Backhoe

6-3-18 My 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Updated, (Page 8 added) replacing bulbs with LED Bulbs

6-2-18 My 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Updated, (Page 7 added) replacing PRNDL Switch

3-29-18 Updated the Meyer Power Angle Cylinder Packing information page including the instructions
for rebuilding / replacing Packing Sets. Added info on white plastic found
in the PA Rams and hoses, and why, and where it comes from.

2-26-18 New Video. Why do the E-47, E-57, E-60, etc. take on water? Just my opinion.....

2-24-18 Should you worry about lubricating pivot points on your plow?
What to lube before you store your plow for the off season. Lube Points

2-17-18 Can you replace a standard lift model with an H Model? Yes. What you need to know first.

2-13-18 We added two new sites to the family: and
Since the SOS with E-73 Hydraulics is now all Meyer will be offering at this point.
One site may forward to the other in the future, but for now, both are up.

Did you know? Other than Meyer plow parts, one of our biggest sellers is Silicone Dielectric Grease.
We sell thousands of these 5 Gram Single Use Silicone Dielectric Grease Packets every year.

Silicone Dielectric Grease - 5 Gram Single Use Packet ($1.00 ea.)

Silicone Dielectric Grease - FIFTY (50) 5 Gram Single Use Packets ($44.00)

Silicone Dielectric Grease - FIVE HUNDRED (500) 5 Gram Single Use Packets ($400.00)

2-4-18 VIDEO - Where to add fluid to your Meyer E-60 Quik Lift, how to change the fluid in your Meyer E-60 Quik Lift.

2-1-18 My Meyer Plow Info Checklist - A checklist you can download and use to record the various parts of your plow system.
Before you can find the help you are looking for, you NEED to KNOW what you have.

1-30-18 Jeep Meyer Plow Mounting Carton Info -from 1972 - 2017. What's the difference, a Jeep is a Jeep...right??

1-29-18 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport JK - Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" Install and EZ Plus Conversion.

1-11-18 Frozen? - Your Meyer Plow Pump is Frozen?

11-29-17 Checking the Fluid Level in ALL Meyer Plow Pumps - E-46, E-47, E-57, E-60, E-68, E-88, V-70, V-71, E-72, E-73. Where and HOW to check the level.

11-22-17 Perfect spot for the spreader controller - Removing the drawer in the center of the dash - 2015 Ram Truck

11-8-17 Meyer Standard Operating System Page 2 added

10-30-17 Meyer Plow Pump Identification Page Updated More pictures of all units to date, and information.

10-4-17 Meyer Standard Operating System information. Also known as the SOS.
It is now standard for all Meyer straight plows.

9-18-17 New Video talking about Meyer E-47 Motor Cap & Brush Kits sold all over the internet.
They are on eBay, Amazon, even Walmart lists them online. BUYER BEWARE, and this video
explains why. I should have made this video years ago.

9-7-17 2017 Chevrolet 2500HD Lot Pro 8 Install

9-7-17 Another 2011 Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" Install

7-31-17 Lifted 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK 3.5" lift, 35" tires, Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" install.

7-11-17 Common E-47 Problems Two more pages added. READ THIS BEFORE you rebuild yours!

Two Meyer ST-7.5 Plows + a TM-6.5 Plow re-skinned Here

A Meyer C-8 re-skin from 2014

7-8-17 A couple of videos uploaded to our YouTube page-

Testing and Replacing a Meyer E-47 Motor
Just because it works does not mean it is 100%.

Tilt Deck trailer using an E-47
Built for a specific reason for a customer back in 2012.

6-7-17 What is the difference between the Nite Saber II and Nite Saber III plow lights?

6-2-17 Updated the Bolt Head Markings page.

6-1-17 If you are considering buying a 2011 & up truck for plowing you might want to read this.

5-30-17 Added another 1998 Dodge Ram page... Page 6 Replaced the passenger side power window / door lock switch.

5-29-17 2017 Ford F-250 Meyer Lot Pro 7'6"Plow Install. Also, helpful info links to the Ford Body Builder site pertaining to the Superduty trucks.

5-27-17 2017 Ford F-150 Meyer Drive Pro 7'6"Plow Install. Also, general info from Ford on the F-150 and plows.

5-27-17 Building a Meyer ST-7.5 Moldboard Page 1

5-27-17 Removing a Stuck EZ Classic Lift Frame

5-27-17 What is a Meyer E-49?

5-24-17 Two 2016 Jeep Wrangler Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" installs - One Willys, one 75th Anniversay Edition

5-23-17 My 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Updated, and more pics and info added

5-12-17 Lifted Jeep Wrangler TJ Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" installs -
How to get around the fact that the Jeep sits too high for the plow to work properly.
Three Jeep Wrangler TJ's with 3" lift and 33" tires, done in the fall of 2016.
Since many visitors are not on Facebook, we are adding them here as well.
They were added to our Facebook page right after completing them.
I also have about 20 other installs to add to our Installs page (which were
also added to our Facebook page right after they were complete).

5-6-17 Spring 2017 - Frequently Searched Phrases - Key words and Phrases that brought visitors
to our site for help with their Meyer plow problems. Answers and links to answers provided.

3-26-17 Buying a used Meyer EZ Plus mount plow?

3-24-17 Meyer Plow Bushing Information

2-24-17 Meyer E-58H Hose Upgrade? The cure for LONG hoses!

Meyer Crossover Relief Valve Removal Tool
Meyer Crossover Relief Valve Removal Tool
Tool used to remove the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve used on the E-47, E-57, and E-60. 5 are pictured, you are buying ONE OF THEM. Made of stainless steel, very durable.

Manufacturer: Smith Brothers Services, LLC

Added 1-31-17 We do not have tech support operators on stand by. We are a shop. Please e mail tech questions like our outgoing message says. Calling back 15 more times you will just hear the outgoing message 15 more times. E Mail allows me to reply with links, pictures, or diagrams that will help more with your problem than me trying to explain. It will also allow you to e mail me pictures of what you have, which helps a lot as well. Thank you for your understanding.

Added 1-22-17 What is Mechanical Binding?

How does the King Bolt hole in an A Frame get egged out in the first place? - Post

Added 10-27-16 Meyer Nite Saber Parts Diagram and Parts List

Meyer Nite Saber 2 Parts Diagram and Parts List

Yes, we have a Pinterest. You can see over 120 pictures of plow installs we
have done over the years posted there.

Smith Brothers Services, LLC Meyer Plow Install Board

10-2-16 Just added Frequently Searched Phrases that brought visitors to our web site.
Maybe the answer you have been looking for is in the list FAQ September 2016

10-2-16 Just added a thread to explaining how to install an Add-A-Circuit Fuse Tap

9-7-16 Just updated the Meyer Plow Controllers page with current info on ALL controllers.

8-26-16 Just updated with parts lists and exploded view diagrams of plows, hydraulics, and wiring.

8-19-16 We built yet another web site dedicated to Meyer Snow Plows.
This one is for the Meyer Xpress Plow with E-68 Hydraulic Unit.

Click on the image below for an exploded view and parts list for the E-72.

Click on the image below for an exploded view and parts list for the E-68.

7-16-16 is our newest site. Hopefully it will be an index of sorts for the info that is spread over all of our Meyer Plow web sites. It will also be a place where visitors can help each other with finding a fix for the particular problem they are having with their Meyer Plow.

3-5-16 Short Video - Removing a Meyer E-47 Motor

3-2-16 Meyer Touchpad Controller Overload Light - Why?

3-1-16 Meyer E-58H, E-68, E-88, E-72 C Valve Info

2-14-16 Meyer Plow Pistol Grip Controller Blinking - HELP!!!

Two NEW videos:

Meyer E 47 Cut-Away View and Default Flow Path

Testing MeyerE-47, E-57, and E60 plow pump B and C Valves

1-10-16 Information on Meyer Plow B and C Valves used on the Meyer E-47, E-57, and E-60 pumps.

10-6-15 Replacing an E-58H or E-72 with an E-47H, E-57H, or E-60H. Now you can have a spare!

3-13-15 It has been an extremely busy winter (for all of us I am sure!) so I wanted to give a little update. Yes, we are still in business! We could not handle any additional work this winter so we had to turn away many people. There were long periods of time where I just unplugged the phone because there was no way to answer and keep up with the workload. At some point you have to say "enough". I would rather have people mad that they cannot be a customer, then angry customers. So now we are in the off season, so we will ship orders twice a week instead of every day. The phone will still be a problem because now I am making repairs, and I am usually out in the parking lot doing so. Everyone is bringing in what they put off all winter, or most of the winter. So while many think we are huge, with many employees, it is just me doing all the repairs and work in the shop, just like last year, and the year before. So if you want tech help, E MAIL me. No one else here can answer your questions. We are also now accepting pumps for rebuild. I will not start on any that come in until April, but if you think you are done until next year, you can send your pump in. I am not going to be accepting pumps after June 30th this year, so do not wait if you want yours done. You have been warned. That's it for now! ~Chuck

8-6-14 Meyer Plow Wiring Diagrams, Wiring Identification Help (13 hours making this HUGE page!)

8-3-14 Cut Away View of the E-47 / 57 Sump Base Casting

1-23-14 Lets talk about A Coils and A Valves

1-1-14 Meyer E-47 Seal Information

 Install Pics page updated

12-17-13 Meyer Plow Q & A December 2013 your answer might be here.

12-10-13 Meyer Plow Headlight Changeover Module Info

Don't forget we have A LOT of info on our other site

12-8-13 Meyer Plow Wiring Harnesses - Info and pin outs

12-7-13  Meyer 22690 Pistol Grip Controller Wiring Info

12-5-13 Meyer Nite Saber Headlight Adapters - Which one do you need?

Just a reminder:

Popular Hydraulic Unit Overhaul/Rebuild Manuals For FREE Download from Meyer:

12-2-13 Seriously, "Like" our page on Facebook for all the updates you are missing!

Replacing a Meyer Power Angle Ram Packing Set

7-9-13 Meyer E-46 / E-47 / E-48 US Patent Office Drawings

7-9-13 Why do people buy snow plows? A focus on personal use snow plows.


First install of the 2013 - 2014 Season. Local Regional High School F-350 Meyer Super V2.

Yes, we are doing installs now. Why wait until the fall? Be prepared!


                     Rebuilding A Meyer E-60 - Step By Step DVD


Rebuilding A Meyer E-60 - Step By Step DVD

We chose to put these videos on a DATA DVD. It MUST be played on a computer. It will not play in a conventional DVD player hooked up to a TV. The reason we chose this route is because at just over 5.5 hours in length, it would require 3 DVDs to fit it...


Manufacturer: Smith Brothers Services, LLC


5-5-13 Major Update

3-2-13 Added two pages of updates to the 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Repairs, Upgrades, and Modifications Blog.


2-19-13 New Videos Uploaded to our YouTube Channel

How to install an E-60 Gear Pump into an E-60 Sump Base -

Classic Example of a bad E-60 Sump Base -

Information on the E-60 Cylinder Update Kit -

Classic Example of a bad E-47 Sump Base -

How to check the fluid level in an E-47 (and E-57, E-60) -


11-25-12 EXCLUSIVE - The NEW Meyer CROSSFIRE Salt Spreader pics. One of only 2 in existence!

11-25-12 I bought a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 to plow the shop lot, and use for plow demos. It came with an electrical gremlin that I found and fixed. If you own a 1994 - 2002 Dodge Ram, you need to look at this page. 1998 Dodge Ram 1500

11-18-12 Install Pics page updated (6 different installs added)

10-9-12 Install Pics page updated

Meyer Plow Jackstand (Crankstand) Replacement Chain Kit

9-21-12 Install Pics page updated


9-14-12 I made a page for the Jeep Wrangler plows past and present.

9-13-12 Install Pics page updated

9-11-12 We attended Meyer Service School

Meyer Factory Trained 2010 Logo -

9-8-12 Install Pics page updated

2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

9-4-12 - Meyer Decals page added

7-14-12 First new plow install of the 2012 - 2013 season!

2005 Dodge Ram 2500 with Meyer Lot Pro 8

6-6-12 - Rebuilding a Meyer ST-7.5 and and E-47

6-2-12 Here is some of what we have been up to May 2012 Projects

5-25-12 Well it has been a long time since we updated. I will fill in some more as time allows.
Here is a recent project that is almost done. A 1995 Dodge Ram EZ Classic install, and ST-7.5 plow rebuild.


3-16-12 Just a reminder. We do sandblasting (actually it is glass beading). IF it fits in our cabinet and weighs less than 200# we are good to go. Just like sandpaper, glass bead comes in different grits. So we can do aggressive blasting to take off built up rust, or gentle blasting on an antique tool that is rusty. The fine beads even clean up wooden tool handles nicely without destroying them.

3-8-12 - Trailer Project we are almost done with.

1-31-12 Removing and Replacing a Meyer E-47 Motor (Updated)

 Cracked E-47 Sump Base Castings? Valve Block leaking? Plow won't stay up? (Updated)

EZ PLUS Drive Pro 6'8" YES... WE DID IT.

1-16-12 Did you ever wonder what the JH stands for on the head of a bolt? Bolt Head Markings

12-29-11 We put a Crankstand on a Drive Pro 6'8" and then some!

12-17-11 Another Toyota Tacoma Drive Pro 6' 8" install... with a LIFT.

12-12-11 Some information on the E-60 Cylinder Update Kit (Part# 08839)


11-4-11 Install Pics page updated

Meyer SuperV2 mounted on a 2011 Dodge Ram2500HD

11-1-11 We made a page for the Dodge3500HD with all the mods we did.

11-1-11 More Meyer plow install pics added to the Installs Page

Two of four rebuilt pumps, bead blasted and painted heading home to Maryland.

10-19-11 Meyer Drive Pro Plow for UTV's


10-2-11 Some install pics.

2011 Dodge3500HD - Meyer Lot Pro 7.5 with wings Strobes and aux. reverse lights added to 2011Dodge 3500HD 2011F-550 Municipal Truck Before Lot Pro9 Install

My GOD there is an engine in there somewhere?

Bumper, Grille, and Headlights removed for install. Just a few finishing touches. All done! Ready to plow!


Meyer E-47 Gear Pump redesigned



Rebuilding A Meyer E-47 - Step By Step DVD


Rebuilding A Meyer E-47 - Step By Step DVD

We chose to put these videos on a DATA DVD. It MUST be played on a computer. It will not play in a conventional DVD player hooked up to a TV. The reason we chose this route is because at just over 5.5 hours in length, it would require 3 DVDs to fit it all...


Manufacturer: Smith Brothers Services, LLC

7-8-11 Three new videos to help remove and replace the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Removing the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Assembling the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Installing the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Smith Brothers Services YouTube Channel

6-29-11 Stubborn PA Block Bolts

6-28-11 Re-skinning Another Meyer ST-7.5 Moldboard

6-10-11 Yet another C Series Pivot Repair

6-10-11 Patching a rotted out floor on a 1992 Dodge W350 Mason Dump

4-3-11 Some of what we have been up to lately.

Meyer ST and C Series Moldboard Pivot Ribs
Meyer ST and C Series Moldboard Ribs
Meyer C Series Moldboard Ribs
Meyer C Series Moldboard Ribs
Meyer Payload 8' Dump Insert - Twin Cylinders dump 7500 pounds
Meyer Payload Dump Insert install
Meyer Payload 8' pickup truck Dump Insert
Meyer Payload Dump Insert install
Meyer Payload 8' Dump Insert installed in Dodge 2500
Meyer Payload Dump Insert install
1941 Allis Chalmers WC Meyer Plow repair - new Pivot Tube added grease fittings, fixed broken welds.
Meyer plow off 1941 Allis Chalmers WC Tractor (repair)
Meyer booth at the 2011 NTEA Work Truck Show
Meyer Booth at NTEA Work Truck Show
NEW from Meyer - The Path Pro plow for ATVs
New ATV Plow from Meyer, the Path Pro
Jib we made for our forklift. The 42" forks are a little short for some jobs. Problem solved.
Jib boom we made for our forklift
Jib we made for our forklift.
Jib boom we made for our forklift

Meyer Drive Pro 7'6" on a GMC 1500
Stainless steel Meyer Lot Pro 8 on a Dodge 2500
Meyer Lot Pro 8 Stainless on a Dodge
Meyer Stainless Steel 8' Lot Pro plow on a Dodge 2500
Meyer Lot Pro 8 Stainless on a Dodge
Meyer Lot Pro 8 Stainless Steel with optional Trip Dampening System (Shocks) installed.
Meyer Lot Pro 8 Stainless on a Dodge
Meyer Lot Pro Stainless (LPS-8) with Xtendors installed on cutting edge.
Xtendors installed on Lot Pro 8 Stainless

*New plow systems must be registered online at Meyer Web Site to activate years 3 - 5 of Warranty.

2-23-11 How we wire Truck-Lite plow lights

2-15-11 1995 Jeep Wrangler Custom Classic mount with a TM plow instead of an ST.

2-14-11 February 2011 FAQ

2-10-11 Some of what we have been up to the past month and a half.

1-16-11 Meyer Plows Q & A - Your answer may be here.

12-30-10 Meyer Toggle Switch Wiring Diagram

12-27-10 - We had an E-60 come in for rebuilding and found it full of ice and the Sump Base cracked.

When ordering in our store, if you select UPS Next Day Air, or Second Day Air:

  • Don't pay with an e-check that takes 3 - 5 days for payment to clear, we do not ship until payment clears.
  • Keep in mind it is NOT a guarantee it will arrive the next day or the second day, even though you paid for it.
  • UPS grounds flights and sidelines trucks during snow storms (It could be anywhere between NJ and where you live).
  • UPS will NOT deliver to a PO Box, we need a street address.
  • Once your order leaves here we have no control over when it arrives or in what condition.
  • Next Day Air on Friday means you get it Monday.
  • We try to have an adequate supply of parts in stock but sometimes they go out faster than they come in.
    IF you order an item that is not in stock, we will e mail you.

    12-13-10 Some information on Meyer Touchpad wiring. 

    12-13-10 Some information on Meyer Slik Stik wiring.

    12-4-2010 More installs - SuperV2 on an 06 Ford F-250, and another Drive Pro 6'8" on a Tacoma


    11-26-10 Some information on Meyer Power Angle Rams

    10-21-10 Super V2 Install on a 2010 GMC 3500HD


    We are getting a lot of phone calls asking "Can I put a plow on my truck?". Go here and find out Meyer EZ Match

    9-22-10 Another Drive Pro 6'8" on a 2010 Toyota Tacoma.

    9-17-10 Another Drive Pro 6'8" on a 2008 4 Door Toyota Tacoma

    9-13-10 Checking and Changing Fluid in Meyer E-47, E-57, and E-60 plow pumps

    9-12-10 Install page updated with a 2010 Wrangler Rubicon and 2010 Chevy 2500 HD

    9-7-10 EZ Classic A Frame Dimensions & Measurements

    8-29-10 We added more old Meyer sales literature that we have framed on our wall. Even more to add as time allows.

    8-27-10 Meyer Plow Glossary - Lots of historical data here too! It took hours and hours to make this.

    8-22-10 Updated the Toyota Tacoma Drive Pro 6'8" info page.

    8-13-10 Tips for buying a used EZ Classic Mount Plow

    Meyer Plow Control Switches & Controllers over the years,
    also Meyer Moldboard Identification help.

    8-1-10 E-60 Exploded View & Parts List



    Meyer E-47 and E-57 / E-58 and E-78 Exploded views and parts lists.

    Popular Hydraulic Unit Overhaul/Rebuild Manuals For FREE Download

    7-28-10 We added Moldboard Weights to the Meyer plow weights page.

    7-21-10 Home Plow by Meyer

    This is the "Home Plow by Meyer". It goes into a Class III front mounted receiver hitch. It will be available at any Distributor that takes on the line. It is a separate program, so it is not part of the official Meyer line. Distributors have to pick up the Home Plow line if they want to sell them. It might also be in the big box stores, and online for purchase. It does not come with the receiver hitch. There will be a power angle model, and an auto angling model. List Price on the power angle is $3299, and List Price on the auto angle is $2799. Literature is not even available for it yet. Power angle models use a single double acting cylinder. Some of the vehicle and utility vehicle brands it will fit: Arctic Cat, Bobcat, Brush Hog, Case LH, Club Car, Cub Cadet, John Deere, EZ-Go, Gravely, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Kubota, Land Pride, New Holland, Polaris, Toro, Woods, Yamaha, Buick, Caddy, GM, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hummer, Jeep, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, and Toyota. It weighs 300 pounds complete.

    7-17-10 Meyer C-8.5 Pivot Repair
    The importance of proper Couplers

    6-27-10 We added two new pages to
    E-57H Diagram of visible parts      Old Meyer Plow Pump Identification Pictures and Info

    6-4-10 Meyer Plow Mount Identification Diagrams - Not sure what model your mount is? Look here.

    MeyerPistol Grip Cradle Mount

    SKU: M22798

    Meyer Pistol Grip Cradle Mount

    Finally, Meyer has come out with a holder for the standard Pistol Grip Controller. Fits the standard Pistol Grip Controller, and the Xpress Pistol Grip Controller. Includes mounting hardware and instructions. Click on the More Info button for more pics.


    45° Mounting Bracket Adapter for Pistol Grip or Joystick Cradle

    SKU: M22815

    45° Mounting Bracket Adapter for Pistol Grip or Joystick Cradle

    45° Adapter allows mounting Pistol Grip or Joystick Cradle at an angle.



    2-6-10 Snapped off both motor bolts removing an E-60 motor. Here is the quick fix.

    1-6-10 These are GREAT! It makes tapping into your fuse box to supply power to your plow controller or plow lights a breeze.
    Remove the fuse you want to take power from, insert it in the holder, put the holder in place of the original fuse,
    put the fuse in you need to protect your accessory in the additional space, connect the power wire from your
    accessory, and you are done. Accessory port has a LIMIT OF 10 AMPS.



    "C" Coil for Meyer E-47 - E-60 Plow Pumps

    SKU: SBS15430

    "C" Coil for Meyer E-47 - E-60 Plow Pumps

    "C" Coil for Meyer E-47, E-57, and E-60 Plow Pumps. MADE IN USA.

    $29.99 $24.99

    Manufacturer: Aftermarket

    "C" Valve for Meyer E-47 - E-60 Plow Pumps

    SKU: SBS15381

    "C" Valve for Meyer E-47 - E-60 Plow Pumps

    "C" Valve for Meyer E-47, E-57, and E-60 Plow Pumps. MADE IN USA.

    $69.99 $79.99

    Manufacturer: Aftermarket


    12-14-09 Patriotic Paint Job A Patriotic paint job for a Volunteer FD in Ontario, Canada.
    We currently have 4 pumps from out of State to rebuild. We are not accepting any more from out of State
    until after the 1st of the year. If we have your pump, believe me, we want you to have it back as much as you do.
    Hopefully the link below will cut down on the phone calls, and allow us to get them done soon!
    The increase in phone calls has taken a typical one week turn around and made it more like 5 weeks!

    12-13-09 Here is a link to the Troubleshooting section on the Meyer web site: Troubleshooting
    Hopefully it will cut down on the 40 - 50 phone calls a day asking for help! (I am not kidding or exaggerating!) To the caller who hung up on me before I could finish the sentence: NO we don't sell "used pumps", when you asked if we had any used pumps for sale, no we don't. We sell rebuilt pumps, and it is not the same thing. Also, when you asked the second question before I could answer the first one completely, no, we don't have any new pumps in stock right now. Maybe if you didn't hang up right at the word "No" you would have understood that. But hey, thanks for the RUDE e mail with the F bombs in it, I put it up on the wall for all my customers to see.


    Here is a link to the Rebuilding a Meyer E-47 Plow Pump Step by Step section. We have had a lot of requests for it lately.


    This is the current line up of Meyer Plow Controllers:

    Left to right - Straight blade Pistol Grip, V Plow Pistol Grip, NEW Slik Stik Joystick, NEW straight blade Touchpad with built in diagnostics.

    We have moldboard parts (Ribs, Pivot Ribs, Cutting Edges, Shoe Runner Brackets, etc.) in stock for all Meyer ST, C, HM, and TM plows, and A Frames, Sectors, and Pivot Bars. We stock Mounting Ears (Hinge Connectors), Pivot Tubes (Sleeves), Pivot Pins with grease fittings, A Frame Angle Ram Clevises, A Frame Nose Pieces (Top and Bottom) Nose Piece Bushings, TM Series King Bolts with grease fittings, and much more.

    7-25-09 Meyer Plow Pump Rebuilding FAQ

    7-6-09 Frequently Searched Phrases for June 2009 Answered

    7-5-09 Updated the Coil & Valve Page. It answers the question "Why do C Valves swell?"

    6-16-09 We uploaded 5 video clips to You Tube. They are a teaser for the complete video we will have
    in our store when time allows editing the footage We also will have our Rebuilding a Meyer E-47 video there too.

    6-5-09 Progress pics of skinning a Meyer C-8 snow plow HERE.

    5-27-09 Frequently Searched Phrases for May 2009 Answered.

    5-19-09 We added 2 Videos to YouTube explaining and showing how to flush your Angle Rams.

    Flush Angle Rams Part 1     Flush Angle Rams - Part 2

    5-15-09 Are you on Facebook? So are we! You can follow us here, and become a fan if you like!

    11-20-08 A customer wanted us to repair an old ST-78, but there was nothing salvageable.
    We agreed to build him a new one instead. Building a plow.

    10-16-08 Meyer ST-7.5 plow (used to be called ST-90) gets a new skin to replace the rotted out Moldboard.
    Remember we will gladly inspect your plow or pump on your truck EVERY DAY no Appt. necessary, for FREE!
    Stop by for a FREE evaluation. Following our advice will help ensure troublefree plowing!

    10-10-08 We repaired some severe rust on a Western 6'6" Moldboard. Yes we work on all brands.

    Meyer has a new EZ-Transfer calculator on their site. It will tell you what parts you need to transfer a Meyer plow from one vehicle to another. What a great tool!


    Misconception debunked!

    One of the most common Meyer Plow Pump problems we hear about is the "Top Seal" leaking. The fact is, you can't see the actual seal. We cut a damaged Top Cap in half, to illustrate this fact. What you can see is only the "Wiper". All it is meant to do is wipe dirt/grit/debris off the ram as it goes into the Lift Cylinder. The Guide Bushing stops the Chrome Ram from rubbing on the Aluminum Top Cap. Below the Guide Bushing, is the actual SEAL. It is an O Ring, that wears over time. So when you see fluid leaking out around the WIPER, it is because the O Ring is leaking. Now, what makes it worse, is on eBay and other places, people buy the WIPER thinking it will solve their leaking problem. IT WILL NOT. Furthermore, once you remove the Top Cap to replace the WIPER, now you also have to replace the Nylite Washers that go under the 3 nuts holding the Top Cap on. You also MUST replace the O Ring that sits under the base of the Lift Cylinder. The Top Cap itself, also has a groove in it, where another O Ring sits, that seals the Top Cap to the Tank. It too MUST be replaced. So now you got a great deal on eBay, on that "Top Seal" (WIPER) for $12.50. Great, but now what you really need to stop the leak, and do it right is a Basic Seal Kit. It includes everything you need to change the WIPER PROPERLY,  and ensure proper operation, and eliminate that leak you started out fixing! Guess what is included in that Basic Seal Kit? A WIPER! So now you spent an additional $12.50, for a WIPER that will come in the kit you need to change the WIPER!



    ***Use this form when shipping us your pump to be rebuilt: Pump Rebuild Info Form***

    When time allows, we are working on building more Meyer Plow Pump Diagnostic Tools. Keep an eye on our store! If you can't find them in our store, we do not have any to sell.


    Diagnostic Tools For Meyer Snow Plow Pumps and other brands:

    Visit our Store to purchase these tools (when available).

     Smith Brothers Services, LLC is dedicated to bringing the industry unique useful products that cannot be found anywhere else, or with features that cannot be found anywhere else. Read more.





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