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1998 Dodge Ram 1500

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I made a pedestal / console to mount the Pistol grip and salt spreader controller.
Needs a few tweaks but should work out well. I can't use a hand held controller. It
just doesn't "feel" right.

Took off the cap, much better. Pulled the bedliner too. It didn't rub off nearly as much
paint as I expected, and it was on there since new in 1998. Installed Rancho
RS5000 shocks up front., I have to do the rears. They are/were all original and
beyond whooped.

I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I used a piece of heat shrink to hold 4 green LEDs together. I am going to mount them under the dash over each floorboard to illuminate the floors with a green glow. That way it is not distracting, and also not completely dark. The shock of turning on the overhead light when plowing at night will happen a lot less this way. I am also going to add a light on each floorboard that will come on with the overhead, because it seems this truck does not have any. I am going to look again, but I have not been able to find any under the dash. My 80 GMC I had a light I installed on the passenger floor board, with a switch on the dash on that side so my passenger could turn on the light himself to look for gloves, etc

Rancho RS 5000's in the back. Replaced the original shocks from 1998! Again, the
brake lines are not leaking ,that is Fluid Film on them.

Rancho Steering Stabilizer. Replaced the original from 1998!

Rancho RS 5000's up front, replaced the originals from 1998!

I know, wrong generation of Ram, but I like it


When I was a kid all the Rams had one.

Yes, I went for the one with the lit up eyes. Believe it or not these are made in Illinois!


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