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1998 Dodge Ram 1500

I bought this 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 to plow the shop parking lot. The price was right, and for the cost I did not expect a cream puff. I expected to have to fix a few little things, and a bigger thing or two. I signed the papers, and when I went to pull out of the used car dealer lot, I turned on the headlights, and the wipers came on. Yep, just like I said, I'd have to fix a few things....

Needed a bumper, already installed a new one. Also installed brand new headlights.

120K miles, no leaks no drips. I should add that the original purchase receipt and
window sticker were in the glove box. This truck lived in Brooklyn, NY before I got it.
Never had a plow on it, and there is still paint inside the receiver hitch. It's not
perfect, but it is very decent used vehicle to put a plow on.

Far from perfect, but for the price, it was hard to beat. Also picked up brand new
tires. Already installed rear Timbrens, Fronts came in today. The tires on it are 265's
except the right front, which is the spare, and it is a 245.

Timbrens for rear. The extra spacer block that is included was not necessary.

Rear Timbrens installed. I also sprayed all the brake lines (and EVERY other line)
with Fluid Film, so that is why they look wet.

Terminals tightened all the way, and they lifted right off. Battery was only putting out 10 volts.

Cut off wheel went through like butter. Saved the flat part.

Flattened ridges with Vise Grips and cleaned.

More flattening.

Much better!

Now for the ground. They did not flatten it.



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