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Added 5-5-13

Lifted 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Meyer TM-6.5 Plow

Plow would not stay up. E-47 is getting rebuilt. Wiring problem. Touchpad goes into overload.

Custom mount. Nice job.

Another view of the mount.

Angle Ram Packing disintegrating. Plugged Suction Filter. THIS is why we remove the Suction Filter on every rebuild and THROW IT AWAY. It is worse to starve the pump of oil than to let the graphite go through the gears. At least when it gets caught in the other filters they can easily be cleaned out, and the pump won't be starved for oil.

Wiring problem. IF you have one of these old flat "ribbon" harnesses, do yourself a favor and replace it. I have been telling people for YEARS to replace these harnesses. You can see how overheated this one is.

Installing new Angle Rams and Hoses. � at Smith Brothers Services LLC.


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