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Added 5-5-13

2006 Ford F-350 Meyer C-8

This belongs to a local school. Great shape, only 44K miles on it

 This came in for a harness issue. It was best to replace the truck side harness and the plow side harness, and update it to the round one piece plug. They also wanted new lights.

Part of the update in addition to the Nite Saber II lights, and new harness was to install the
Pistol Grip controller with HFP (Hands Free Plowing aka: automatic raise/lower modes).

The C-8 had a lot of side to side slop. Here is one reason.

Here is another reason for the slop.

Had to torch off the Angle Ram bolts. This is after 6 winters of use. This is why we install them from the bottom up with the nuts on top.

Another view.

Showing why it is helpful to put the PA Ram Bolts in from the bottom with the nuts on top.
Since they had an early E-58H it did not have a cover. It does now.

If the nut was on the bottom it would be making contact with the sidewalk in this pic. New pins holding the plow on as they were VERY worn, and I even had to weld up the pin holes in the Lift Frame because they were so worn.


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