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Added 3-29-19

2016 Ford F-450 King Ranch Meyer Super V2 9' 6" SS Plow Install

This was a perfect match. Nice truck, nice stainless steel plow :).

This is one loooong truck.

Ready to start.

Bumper, grille, and headlights removed.

Mount installed, on to the wiring. Diesels are no fun trying to fit all this in there. Missing from the pic is the Motor Solenoid. Guess where I hid it?

Mount and wiring done. One Piece Plug mounted on custom bracket with stainless hardware.

Done, head on.

Front 3/4 view.

This was my last Super V2. I don't know if I will be able to order the Super V2 in the fall, or if it will be replaced by the Super V3 which is an SOS plow. That means it would not be fleet friendly anymore which is a sad mistake already made with the SOS. The Super V2 plows were the last of the 229691S Universal Harness plows.



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