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2017 Ford F-150 Meyer Drive Pro 7.5' Plow Install

First and foremost, the F-150 MUST HAVE a factory installed plow prep package. It CANNOT be added at the dealer level. There is a completely different vehicle harness with plow prep. There is a dedicated switch that provides power for the plow controller AND also kills vehicle accessories to free up power to operate the plow without overloading the vehicle electrical system.

Trucks are getting more and more complicated when it comes to installing a snow plow on them, and it is no different with Ford. They "started" the troubles in 2011 when they decided they did not want a plow installed on the F-150. Then some 2013 - 14 trucks could have plows on them. In 2015, they came out with Plow Prep Package 68P which MUST BE ordered from the factory (about a $50 option). You can read the various Ford bulletins at the links below.

NO PLOW on 2011 - 2012 F-150. READ Q-200R3 Service Bulletin Q-200R3 here.

Plow on 2013 - 2014 F-150 with 6.2l engine only, Bulletin Q-214R2 here.


The joys of electrical accessories and having to ground them to aluminum Q-222R1

FULL LIST OF FORD QUALITY BULLETINS here (Ford calls them Quality Bulletins, not Service Bulletins).

From the 2017 MY Body Builders Layout Book Snowplow Section


NOTE: The engine Outside Air Temperature (OAT) sensor is subject to error unless relocated to unblocked airflow.
●4x4 only
●Requires 5.0L V8 engine (99F)
●Lariat trim (only) – Electronic Shift-On-The-Fly (ESOF) replaces standard 2-speed automatic 4WD
●Lariat Technology Package (68T) not available with Snowplow Prep Package (68P)
●Available on Regular, SuperCab and SuperCrew models (5.5’, 6.5’ and 8.0’ boxes)
●Available with XL, XLT and Lariat Trim
●Both regular and heavy duty payload packages
●“Snow Plow” mode button on instrument panel will disable (load shed) the following features to maintain required electrical charge margins during plow operation / use: 110V inverter, fog lamps, heated steering wheel, heated front/rear seats, and massaging seats. Snow Plow mode button also activates relay to snow plow controls.
WARRANTY NOTE: The F-150 snowplow installation is intended for residential / personal use only.
The Ford New Vehicle Limited Warranty applies to vehicles with snowplows installed in accordance with these guidelines. Consult your Ford dealer or the Owner Guidefor any further questions.

I hope the above links help answer the "Why can't I put a plow on my new F-150?" question.
Now that is out of the way, lets show you the Meyer Drive Pro 7.5' install on this 2017 Ford F-150.

Ready to start, this truck is a week old.

Grab the instrument panel next to the headlight switch, and pull. It pops right out,
and there is the blunt cut orange wire taped to the harness that is dedicated power for the plow conttroller.

The Hall Effect Sensor is mounted on the battery tray and the ground
wire from the fender passes through it (per Q-231 above).

Yes, the front bumper must come off to do the install.
The tow hook boots really SUCK.
We also decided to remove the lip (air dam) rather than cut it up.

Yes,Ford is actually telling us to use the 10 gauge wire to carry the load
of the 6 gauge plow ground wire, back to the battery!

The mount is done, the wiring is done. We decided
to mount the 1 piece plug on a custom bracket in the center
of the bumper with stainless hardware. The lowest point of the mount
was 11" from the ground.

All set. Since the F-150 headlights are so high, and the headlight adapter
to interface with them is so expensive, the customer decided to NOT
have us install plow lights. After using it all winter, he said he did
not wish he had them. He is only plowing his own driveway.

Right next to the 2017 Ford F-150 in the above picture is a white 2017 Ford F-250 we did a Meyer Lot Pro 7'6" Plow Install on. Also, on the F-250 page are some helpful info links to the Ford Body Builder site pertaining to the Superduty trucks.



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