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Added 1-19-21

2020 Chevrolet 2500HD Lot Pro 8 Plow Install (New truck old plow).

Dropped off.

Ready to start.

The hood release handle has to come off to remove the radiator cover.

Some of the tools used on the install.

Mount is done.

Louvers behind grille.

Grille and headlight bezels removed (which are part of the fender and the fender trim (flare) holds them on).

Headlights removed.


Fender trim (flare).

5 Relays are used to control the lights.

Driver side wiring done.

GM Marker and turn signal wires, 20ga..

Looking for a place to mount the 1 Piece Plug socket. Damn, louvers behind the lower grille next to the license plate too! Geeeeeez.

Plow high and low beam relays. This is because Meyer does not make a Headlight Adapter for a 2020 GM truck. So I wire them like the old Truck-Lites.

And GM expects you to access the firewall how? By taking this jug off first...

Grommet mount.

No room to move it. Spilled anti-freeze all over the inner fender moving the jug.

Somehow make a hole in the firewall here?

Made it right under where the hood release cable comes through.

With this :)

All done, hole sealed with strip caulk.

Closer look.

Motor solenoid easily accessible..

Literally the only place to mount the socket.

Ready for pickup.

Notes. First one of this body style in the shop. The first is the hardest. Let me say it is scary ripping off the fender trim. It is scary ripping off the headlight bezels. That is just how they come off! The headlights are HUGE. The lack of a Headlight Adapter from Meyer adds A LOT of time to wiring it all up. The typical GM Headlight Adapter has been plug and play since 2007, no more. The hardest part was getting to the gang plug. I had to pull the grill and headlight bezels to get the lights out, to splice. SO much time wasted. We are going backwards!

Bonus pic. I had to move the battery cable because the HUGE headlight would not fit back in. The red line is where I should have ran it.

Another bonus pic.



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