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Added 7-20-22

2022 GMC 3500HD Lot Pro 8 Plow Install (New truck old plow).

Dropped off. It's not often you see a standard cab truck these days. 79 miles on it.

Mounting Carton 17198, EZ Plus Celvis 19370, Truckside Universal Harness 22691S, Marker/Turn Relay Harness23061, Motor Solenoid 15370, (2) 07118 Module C Harnesses, (2) Ice Cube Relays, ON/OFF/ON Switch, 15059 Diode.

Many trim clips were broken getting the headlights out. It's good to have spares, you'll need them. Glad to see no louvers behind the grille like Chevy. Clips are Clip Lizard 207006, Auveco 20774 , GM# 25724529

Simple, old school plow light switch. Up is plow high beam, center is off, down is plow low beam.

Not much to see under the hood.

$10 relays for the plow lights instead of $400 Modules and Adapters.

Bumper mounting the socket is not an option, too much steel behind all of it.

Came up with a clamp system out of stainless. No cutting or drilling the grille.

All set.

Polished the stainless plate.

Headlight Connector Pin Out. Easy to mess this up. way too many hot wires to choose without a diagram..

Right side wire colors.

Notes. Second one of this body style in the shop. The first is the hardest. Let me say it is STILL scary ripping off the fender trim. Broke 6 clips this time, and 0 the first time. It is STILL scary ripping off the headlight bezels. That is just how they come off! The headlights are HUGE. The lack of a Headlight Adapter from Meyer adds A LOT of time to wiring it all up. The typical GM Headlight Adapter has been plug and play since 2007, no more. The hardest part was getting to the gang plug. I had to pull the grill and headlight bezels to get the lights out, to splice. SO much time wasted. We are going backwards! NO ignition power at the fuse box in the cab, c'mon GM!!! Half the damn dash has to come out to remove the driver knee panel. The firewall is blocked with no pass through hole location. The keychain says 2022 GMC 3500HD Pro. Not sure what the pro stands for, not much apparently. Pro's want commercial accessories, and GM gives no thought or provisons to make installing them easier. Hell, the 2020 Chevy 2500 has the louvers behind the grilles!

Same install on a 2020 Chevy 2500HD. A few differences.



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