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Updated 6-6-12

May 2012 - Some of what we did

First I just want to mention that these projects and jobs were all posted on our Facebook Fan Page. It is easy to add pictures of projects to our Facebook Fan Page while at the shop. This site I edit and add to at home, which is as time allows. So for the most current info, please "Like" our Facebook Fan Page.

The projects and jobs are in no particular order.

Rebuilt E-46 ready to head to its new home in Michigan.


Fisher Plow Mount Front Receiver Hitch. Just tacking the side plates in place. This is just for a cooler rack, but, that is some heavy channel and would probably hold 10X more than a full cooler and fishing poles. Need to weld the receiver tube too.

A slightly closer look. Would love to mass produce these, however, it seems no two mountings are the exact same dimensions.

Receiver removed.

Fully welded, bead blasted, primed, painted.

Another view.

Cooler Rack mounted.

Another angle.

The aluminum is so clean and smooth on these older units. Customer brought in this unit as a spare in case parts were needed for the unit he wanted rebuilt. This one was newer and has a drain plug, so I chose this base. The other unit had the older PA Block on it, the first version of this PA Block. So I used this PA Block too. I did take the pump off the other unit as it looked better than the one on this. We'll see tomorrow on the test stand if I made a good choice.

Look how clean the aluminum casting is. These older (1970's - early to mid 80's) units are always so clean. I don't know if the sealant used was better, or the aluminum was more pure. I am leaning towards the sealant being better, and probably illegal to use in the US these days.

Made a good choice. Ready to go. Owner just has to wire the B and C Coils to match his harness. I must say that it is awesome that the pump is putting out 1800psi @ 160amps.

2003 Chevrolet 2500HD. Time for a new hitch. Thanks to GM and their tinfoil bumper, there is no steel behind the license plate. One wrong attempt backing up the the trailer drove the license plate through the bumper. I REALLY want to build a bumper for this truck!

YIKES! He was towing a Case 580 last week with this on the NJ Turnpike!

What a difference! The Curt weighs about 80 pounds. The GM I can easily pick up with one hand.

All done. I even moved the trailer plug bracket from the old hitch to the new one. When he tears it off I will move it up top. This is also, "need the truck back ASAP", so the bracket went on the bottom. Have been trying to get him in for 2 weeks to do the hitch.

I had to give it a twist by hand. It was THAT shot.

Here is another May project. A 1995 Dodge Ram EZ Classic install, and ST-7.5 plow rebuild.

First project of June - Rebuilding a Meyer ST-7.5 and E-47 Rebuild

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