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Another Meyer ST 7.5 Plow gets a NEW Skin
June 2011

Every Fall the calls start coming in asking if we can re-skin a rusted out plow. Every Fall we reply that we do re-skinning in April / May / June. Then they ask if they can buy a skin from us. NO, we do not sell them. We re-skin in the off season. In the Fall, we are mounting plows and rebuilding pumps. We do not have the time to re-skin a plow then. Every Spring, less than half of those who called in the Fall show up to have their plow re-skinned. When it comes to being prepared in the plowing business, there are ants, and there are grasshoppers. The ants are smart, and they prepare over the course of the off season, so when the Fall comes, they are ready to plow. The grasshoppers wait until the last minute to get ready, and they are calling up the ants asking for help, or to "borrow" parts so they can get ready. Here we are re-skinning a Meyer ST-7.5 for an ant.

Here is a look at the front.

Head on.

Looking down the moldboard. I was trying to get a pic of how bad it is bent.

Here you can see the base angle is bent.

The skin is almost completely cut off.

Skin removed. You can see some of the rust that came out of the ribs.

You can see A LOT more of the rust that came out of the ribs. I drew a red line on this photo to help show how badly the base angle is bent.

We removed all the loose rust from the ribs and frame, and gave it a coat of Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer.

We got it straightened out before we rimed it, sorry no pics. You can see where we heated the base angle when getting it straight again. Because it is a 90 degree angle, we had to bend it in two directions to get it straight again.
Here we primed the back of the new skin where it will be covered by the ribs and the frame. It is still a full 8' at this point.
Brian finishing up the ends. We fully weld the ends of the skin to the ribs. We have seen many, this one included, where the end of the skin got hooked on something and it was pulled out away from the rib. We also add a lot more welds than the factory did when attaching the new skin.

Just need to trim off the excess 6" in the lower part of the pic.

All done.


You can see a Meyer C-8 getting a new skin HERE.

You can see another Meyer ST-7.5 getting a new skin HERE

You can see us building a Meyer ST-78 HERE.

Re-skinning FAQ



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