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Added 1-14-12

Bolt Head Markings

I am not talking about the lines on the heads of bolts that indicate what Grade the fastener is. I am talking about the letters, numbers, and symbols. There is a link on this page that will take you to (a document on) the US Patent & Trademark Office where you can download the file and look at all the various markings and where the bolts are made. It seems the most common marking we se these days is JH. Meyer uses them in all their Mounting Carton, PAF Carton, Hydraulic Carton, and CLF Carton hardware kits, Western uses them too. Tractor Supply Co sells them by the pound.

Are you surprised that the JH bolts are made in Taiwan? I added the triangle marking because when you buy a hardware kit from us, or a new King Bolt, you will NOT be getting a JH bolt. About 99% of the bolts we use have the triangle. But hey, if we sell you a JH bolt, it is definitely OEM....

Here is the link to the .pdf file:




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