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Added 5-27-17

What is a Meyer E-49?

Well, there is no such thing as an E-49, BUT, using the numbering system Meyer uses....
IF an E-46 is not power angle, an E-47 is power angle, an E-48 is power angle and has
two extra ports to work a rear mounted pull plow.... and an E-57 is the same as an E-47 except
for the larger motor and gear pump, and changing the PA Block on it makes it an E-58,
an E-47 with an E-58H PA Block must be an E-49. At least that is how I see it.

Built entirely from 100% new parts, here it is on the test stand.

Bead blasted, and painted.

Back side view of E-49.

Closer look at the 2 wire Coils with sealed connections.

This did not even last a week in our online store. It was purchased by a municipality in Virginia.



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