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Frequently Searched Phrases Answered!

Here is a list of search phrases that brought visitors to our site in May 2010, and our responses.

smith brothers services - That's us!
meyers plow parts - IF Meyer makes it, we sell it. We even have obsolete parts in stock.
fluid film spray - We are an Authorized Fluid Film Distributor.
meyer drive pro 7-6 - We have them in stock with Special Pricing until August 31, 2010 or until supplies run out!
myers pump rebuild kit - We have them all in stock, and our own combinations depending on how far you want to go!
meyer plow - Everything Meyer, right here!
how to rebelt e60snow plow - Not how we spell it but OK. Step by step pics here on our site!
meyers plows -  MEYER not Meyers.
e-60 pump EVERYTHING you want to know about the E-60, right here. EVERY part in stock too.
meyers plow - Again, it is MEYER, not Meyers.
rebuild meyers snow plow pump - Step by step instructions for the E-47 and E-60 units.
meyer mounting carton - MANY to choose from, some in stock, some not.

Cut Off Years for Meyer EZ Classic Mounts


Last Year Available
Chevrolet and GMC - 1500 2007
Chevrolet and GMC - 2500/3500 2010
Dodge - 1500 2001
Dodge - 2500/3500 2011 (so far)
Ford - 150 2003
Ford Superduty - 250/350/450/550 2004

smith brothers services new meyer products - Yes, we have a page for NEW From Meyer.
pump test stand - We have the Meyer TC-200 and the old "Truck" test stand.
e-bay plow frames - We have an eBay store, and we have some items listed, but not mounting frames.
smith bros pivot pin We sell Pivot Pins, with grease fittings and without. For ST, C and TM plows.
smith bros services llc - That's us!
meyer st-90 snow plows - The ST-90 and the ST-7.5 are the same plow. We stock EVERY PART of them.
smith brothers meyer plow - That's us and what we sell.
meyers snow plow st90 - The ST-90 is the same as the ST-7.5. Discontinued by Meyer in November2009. Parts will be available for 10 years. We have EVERY part in stock.
meyer plows suggested retail price list - This is not something we will post. We do post actual List Prices for OEM Meyer parts in our store.
snow plow nj - We are in Franklin NJ and we sell Meyer Snow Plows!
fluid film undercoating - Fluid Film is great for undercoating. We are an Authorized Distributor.
what to look for when buying a used meyer plow - We need to make a page just for this in the future. Here is a good start.
meyer c-8 - Discontinued by Meyer in November 2009. Moldboards if even available in 2010 are $2234.73! JUST the Moldboard! Parts here.
meyer classic 8 - That would likely be a C-8. The C stands for Commercial. EZ Classic is a mounting system, which has also been discontinued by Meyer.
Replaced by the Lot Pro (LP) 8. The C Series has been replaced by the Lot Pro Series.
meyer e-46 pump manual - The same manual as the E-47. The E-46 does not have power angle. Available on the Meyer web site for free download.
remove pivot pins on plow - Usually requires a torch and a BIG hammer.
meyer-model 90 - ST-90. The ST-90 is a 90" (7.5 feet) wide plow. Meyer changed the name to ST-7.5. The ST Series was discontinued in Nov. 2009.
meyers snowplow dealers iowa - We are in NJ. Visit the Meyer web site for a Dealer Locator using your zip code.
meyer plow diagram e60 - Wiring diagram or disassembly of the actual E-60 unit?
how to get plow cylinder apart - Usually, the nut shatters when we try. The nut is made of cast steel.
snow plow pumps - We service and repair all brands.
meyer e60 repair - Depends on what needs to be repaired. Lots of pics and help on our site, and every part in stock.
smith brothers snow plow - We don't build them (often) but we do sell, service and repair them.
used meyers snow plow pumps - We never sell used ones, only rebuilt ones when we have them.
meyer snow plow model st90 - ST-90 is a STandard 7.5' plow that Meyer discontinued in November 2009. Parts will be available for 10 years.
meyer plow distributor - We are a Meyer Full Line Distributor.
e47 myers pump - MEYER. The Meyer E-47 was discontinued years ago, however we are willing to bet that there is more of them out there in use than any other pump. Meyer will continue to make parts for a long time to come as much of the E-47 parts are used on the new E-58H that replaced it.
2004 gmc factory plow harness - GM never offered any "factory plow harness". Only Dodge with the "Sno-Commander" had Chrysler part numbers for Meyer parts. Also for many years, Willys and Jeep did too.
meyer plow mount for dodge ram 2500 - It all depends on the mounting system of the plow (I assume a used plow) that you want to install. Look here.
used myer plow mount - Craigslist, eBay, and the bulletin board at your local supermarket are good places to look. Some dealers stock used mounts. Unfortunately, when scrap steel went way up, a lot of mounts got melted down.
e47 and e57 have the same controls? YES they do have the same controls. In fact, even the E-60 Touchpad can be used with the E-47 or E-57.
used meyers snow plows st 78 - Not many of these left period. Meyer discontinued the, ST-78 I believe when the TM-6.5 came out (Over 10 years ago). The ST-78 was a 6.5' plow. Meyer replaced it with the ST-7, which was 7' wide. The TM-6.5 will NOT fit on a Jeep that had an ST-78. You could buy a used ST-7.5 Moldboard, and cut it down to 6.5', but you need the narrower ST-78 A Frame too. That is still available from Meyer.
meyer st90 plow - We have already discussed the ST-90.
used meyers plow parts - Craigslist and eBay are the best places to look.
smith brothes services - Maybe a misspelling?
hydraulic snow plow installers in nj - We install Meyer Plows.
franklin nj plow repair - IF you mean Franklin, NJ 07416, then you found us. We are in Sussex County. We repair all brands.
storing a snowplow - Try to keep it on pavement, and DO NOT cover it with a tarp! Let it breathe. Change the hydraulic fluid prior to storage. Grease the exposed chrome on the hydraulic rams.
storing snow plow - Try to keep it on pavement, and DO NOT cover it with a tarp! Let it breathe. Change the hydraulic fluid prior to storage. Grease the exposed chrome on the hydraulic rams.
meyer plow power angle block - Well, there were a few designs over the years. The PA Block is THE most expensive part of the pump assembly. All but the newest design are obsolete, but some dealers still have old ones, brand new, in stock. The newest design is over $800 List Price, and it does not have couplers, so you need to buy adapters to use couplers. It also uses 2 wire Coils, so you need to buy an adapter harness too.
meyers snow plow pump e60 ebay - We bought one off eBay and rebuilt it. Here are some pictures of what we found when we tore it down. Also links to our YouTube E-60 Rebuild videos.
plastic snow plow dodge - I assume you meant Poly. ALL plow manufacturers offer a Poly version. Contrary to popular belief, *most* Poly skin plows are much heavier than steel moldboard plows. This is because the Poly is not part of the structure, but rather just a skin that is bolted on. Steel moldboard plows, the steel skin is welded to the structure, increasing the strength of the assembly.
meyer c-9 snow plow pricing - IF you can find a dealer that still has one in stock. The C Series has been replaced by the Lot Pro Series, which in my opinion is a MUCH better design compared to the C Series. The C Series was discontinued in November of 2009.
meyers plow skins - We reskin plows in our shop. We do not sell skins. Meyer does not sell steel skins.
snow plow reskin - Again.... We reskin plows in our shop. We do not sell skins. Meyer does not sell steel skins.
rebuilding meyers e60 - Here are some pictures of what we found when we tore down an E-60 off eBay. Also links to our YouTube E-60 Rebuild videos.
snow plow sales nj - We sell the Full Meyer line. We do not sell any other brands. We sell parts, repair, and service all brands, but only sell new Meyer plows.
how much does a meyer plow wiegh? - There are way too many combination of plows, pumps, and mounting systems to give any answer. This may help.
wiring harness for old meyer snow plow - All control harnesses are still available. We stock them all.
meyer ez plow mount part numbers - The best thing to do is go to the Meyer web site and use EZ Match. It will give you the part numbers of what you need. IF you are going to transfer a plow from one truck to another, then use EZ Transfer on the Meyer web site to tell you what you need.
e47 pump rebuilding service - You came to the right place!
meyer drive pro price
how to clean up fluid film - Soap and water.
meyer snow plows for 1/2 ton truck prices - The Meyer Drive Pro 7'6". The 2009 - 2010 List Price is $6,075.68. We have a Special running until August 31, 2010 (or until we run out) for $4199.00 INSTALLED!
rebuilt meyers snow plow parts - Too vague.
meyers plow brackets - You must mean Mounting Carton. The brackets that mount on the underside of the vehicle come in a Mounting Carton that is vehicle specific. Use EZ Match on the Meyer web site to tell you what you need.
smith bros. services nj - You found us!
meyer snow plows used - We do have used plows in stock sometimes. Right now (8-13-10) we have a C-8 in stock.
fluid film on knives - Great for storage of knives.
photo of meyers snow plow model st90 - Lots of them on our Blog Page. More info, diagrams and pics here.
western plow directional control cables - Here is the Angle Control Cable, and here is the Raise & Lower Cable.
meyers e-60 fill port leaks - The Fill Plug is actually a Pressure Relief Valve. It opens between 1 and 5psi to release pressure in the fluid reservoir (tank). If fluid is coming out, chances are you overfilled it. The proper fluid level is 1 - 1.5" below the top with the Lift Arm pushed all the way down. If you overfill it, then fluid will spew out until it reaches a lower level. It makes a big mess, but does not hurt the pump.
how to rebuild e47 - Step by Step instructions here and you can download the Service Manual from the Meyer web site for free.
meyers snow plow mounts for 1998 gmc jimmy - Go to the Meyer web site and use EZ Match.
rebuilding meyers e-47 pump - Step by Step instructions here and you can download the Service Manual from the Meyer web site for free.
fluid film aerosol - In stock.
snow plow skin - We reskin plows in our shop. We do not sell skins. Meyer does not sell steel skins.
lawn tractor deck undercoat fluid film - Fluid Film works great on mower decks.
meyers snow plows dealers - We are an Authorized Meyer Full Line Distributor. Dealers buy from Distributors. Some Distributors sell to the public too, like us for instance. To locate a local Meyer Plow Dealer, visit the Meyer web site and use the Dealer locator.
metal preservation fluid - Fluid Film works great.
meyer snow plows 2 meter-e47 lift - The "2 meter" is the TM Series. They came with the E-47 and E-57 pumps.
ford meyer mount - Way too many to choose from.
meyer st-90 snow plow - We have discussed this already.
fluid film penerating spray - In stock.
does myers m1 hydraulic fluid have detergent - NO IT DOES NOT!
fluid film spray buy - Right here, in stock.
moldboard repair kits - IF you mean Meyer moldboard parts, we have those in our store; Here. To see a diagram of TM, ST, or C look here.
how much does it cost to rebuild an e60 pump - Visit our Meyer Plow Pump Rebuild FAQ.
thin film battery protective coating - We use Fluid Film on all vehicle battery terminals and it works great. - Is NOT the Official Meyer web site.
myers plow frame bracket for toyota truck - Go to the Meyer web site and use EZ Match.
how do you install meyers sabra lights for plow - I assume you mean Meyer Nite Saber or Nite Saber 2 lights. They require Headlight Adapters as well as Headlight Modules. Visit the Meyer web site and use EZ Match to determine which Headlight Adapter you need.
meyers snow plow parts - Visit our Online Store.
spray bolts to keep from rusting - We use Fluid Film
meyer swivel fitting leak - Pretty common. We sell a lot of them.
meyer e 60 leaks down - The Lift Ram Packing is shot. It is included in the E-60 Basic Seal Kit.
meyer snow plow switch - All of them in stock.
meyer snow plow poly skins for sale - Yes they are available from Meyer. We can order them for you. Pick a size!
meyers e-47 wiring diagram - Here.
lawnmower deck welds are rusted - Clean them up with a wire wheel and paint them?
meyers e47 manual - Available for free download at the Meyer web site.
meyer lot pro - Replaced the C Series. The Lot Pro is a much better, stronger design.
meyer snow plow skin parts - We reskin plows in our shop. We do not sell skins. Meyer does not sell steel skins.
e-57 meyer rebuild - Most of the E-57 rebuilding process is the same as the E-47. They even use the same Basic Seal Kit.
meyer pistol grip controller - Right here in stock at a GREAT PRICE in our Online Store.
re skinning a meyers snow plow - We reskin plows in our shop. We do not sell skins. Meyer does not sell steel skins.
meyer pump motor e 47 - Right here in stock in our Online Store. We also have Motor Cap and Brush Kits too.
what oil for myers e47 - Meyer M1 Hydraulic Fluid. DO NOT USE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID!! DO NOT USE motor oil or brake fluid!
meyers e-47 pump - We sell the actual Pump itself in our store.
meyers ez-match cables - EZ Classic Mount Power and Ground Cables? Right here.
meyer quik lift parts - The Quik Lift is an E-60 pump. Parts are here. Parts diagram is here.
meyers c valve - Right here in our store.
fabricating snow plow mounts - We do not do this for liability reasons.
used meyers snowplow mount for sale dodge - We actually have quite a few in stock Here.
lmeyer nite saber lights for sale - I assume you mean Meyer Nite Saber or Nite Saber 2 lights.
who invented the first power angle snow plow? - According to Meyer, Edward Meyer did.
complaints for meyer plow drive pro - NONE. Nothing but compliments and praise thus far. NO lie!
parts manual for meyer tm. 6.5 snow plow - You can download it for free off the Meyer web site.
used meyer lift tube nj - We have a used one in stock as of 6-5-10 the price is $350.
snowplow dealers erie pa - If I was looking I would look no further than Jerre's Service on Station Road in Erie, PA
meyers e-60 fill port leaks when lowering - The unit is overfilled. The fluid level should be 1" - 1.5" below the top with the lift arm pushed ALL the way down.
will a meyer e-47 plow fit on all pickups - The E-47 is just the model number of the pump.
meyer snow plow parts erie pennsylvania -  Jerre is on Station Road in Erie.
meyers hoop 11255 for sale - We have a used one in stock as of 6-5-10 the price is $350.


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