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Meyer Plow Installation Pictures
(Lot Pro, Drive Pro, Super V2, ST Models, C Models, EZ Plus, EZ Classic, EZ Custom, etc.)

Here are a few installs we have done in the past on various trucks and SUVs.

Jeep Wrangler Plow Installs Page

Toyota Tacoma Plow Installs Page


Some 2013 - 2014 Plow Installs


2012 Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8"
First black Tacoma. Looks great!

Before. Clevis on and 1 Piece Plug mounted. All done. Love the black.
3/4 view. 1 Piece Plug mounted in lower grille. Lots of places do not mount them. It is rare for me not a find a place to mount it.


Skid Steer Lot Pro 7.5
This is going on a CAT skid steer.

"Universal Mounting Plate". Crossover Valve plumbed in. Something is missing? Decals! That's better. I may end up installing this on site. I will get more pics if I do.


2011 Chevy Colorado - Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8"

Getting started. Like magic the mount is on. Mount. Looking straight down you can see it does NOT protrude past the bumper.

Test fitting a spare Lift Frame.
Nice!! This spare stud should be part of Plow Prep you all pay extra for when you
buy a truck.
Perfect spot for an extra ground from the plow. Nice and neat. Wish they were all this easy.
This is a grommet. It is what you put on wires that pass through the firewall so they
don't chafe. MANY installers and customers that add on accessories need to know
about these....
Strip Caulk to seal the hole into the cab. 1 Piece Plug mounted. Time to pull it outside.
All done!


2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Meyer Drive Pro DPE-7.5' Single Handle Pull Install

The customer is only plowing his own driveway. It is of interest to note that Meyer is
now recommending this DPE-7.5 for all half ton trucks versus the EZ Plus mount
Drive Pro 7' 6". Considering most 2013 half tons have electric power steering, and
cannot have a plow, it is the older ones that will be forced at some point to use this

Ready to start. This is (I think) the only mount that you do not use any existing holes, and have to
drill ALL of them. The assembly is built and then jacked into place, clamped, marked,
and drilled.
I put a spare Drive Pro lift frame on to test fit. The arrow is pointing at the single handle pull that dismounts the plow. No cutting, no trimming. Perfect fit.
Another view. Yet another view. Yet another view.... One more view.
All set. One handle, one electrical plug. Ready to plow. I added the headlight elevation kit because without it you can not
even see the plow lights from the cab.
3/4 view. Side view.


2013 Ram 2500HD Meyer Lot Pro 8 Salt Dogg SHPE1500 Install

Customer bought a second white 2013 Ram 2500HD and came in for another plow
and spreader.

Getting started.

Pulled out Salt Dogg SHPE1500 spreader wiring to see how HUGE the hole in the
firewall needs to be. What are "WIGES"?? LOL
Hmmm, no RED wire here. Guess they mean white...
Mount about half done. One nice thing is it only takes about 20 minutes to pull the
grille, headlights, and bumper.

At first I thought this truck used the APS low profile fuses. Nope. MICRO2. Good luck finding them locally. The good news is....."The MICRO2 Fuse is the new standard for vehicle circuit protection. Its sub-miniature design meets the need for more circuits to be protected while utilizing less space and its ability to cope with
high temperatures in adverse environments makes the MICRO2 Fuse the recommended choice for protection"
Guess the 2013 Ram Body Builders Guide is wrong..... Pink/Yellow, Pink/Blue,
same thing?
Lots to take apart to do it "by the book". No, I don't put self tapping screws into plastic.
Could the plugs be any BIGGER for the Salt Dogg? Really? Weatherproof INSIDE
the cab?
All done inside. Neat install, nice clean look. Closer look

All sold and installed here. Added a light for the spreader. The chute comes off with two spring loaded pins so
towing is a breeze with the hopper in the back
  All done. The plow was put on in the dark. No after pics. This install was not hours,
but days.
This is the "by the book" way to get accessory power on the 2013 Ram. The Cigar
Lighter feeds a Relay, and the Relay feeds accessories


2004 Ford F-250 Meyer Lot Pro 8 Stainless

Always fun when one of these Fords had a Meyer EZ Classic mount on it before at some
point. The holes in the Ford truck frame from the Meyer EZ Classic Mount do not line up with the holes
in the Meyer EZ Plus Ford brackets.

The fun begins......

Plenty of bolts.....

Mount is on.

The top hole in the bracket I had to move up and to the right al little to hit the exiting
hole in the frame from the EZ Classic mount. The bottom hole I had to drill to line up
with the existing hole from the EZ Classic mount

THIS is why I HATE installing a plow on a truck that had one on it before. This just
added a couple of hours to the job.

This is the cause of the problem. When the wiring was removed, they cut the plow
feeds flush and taped them up. Guess what? The tape didn't seal anything. If they
left a 2" piece of wire and put heat shrink on it to "cap" it off, this would not have
happened. Well, mostly...


Nice and green...

More green.

This was a poor install. Good intentions with the heat shrink, but only going 1/8" past
the spice was not enough.

Now to cut back to "good" wire and extend them back up to the front.

Driver's side I went back 17" to find good wire. Passenger side was only about 7",
but the battery still had to come out to get to it. Oh, and the "socket connectors" had
to be replaced @ $48 EACH. I guess I could have used them with the black wires if I
didn't care. I can't not do it right, that is MY problem.



Half way back up the fender on the driver's side. All done. Surprise, Lot Pro STAINLESS. The customer had no idea I was giving him
a stainless plow. He bought two Lot Pro plows, and three tailgate spreaders, so I
upgraded him. He was happy so we both win.


2009 Chevrolet 2500HD EZ Classic Install

Modified the 07333 Headlight Adapter. The "Before" on the bottom is the high heat
loom that just does not flex enough to make it manageable
Not too much cutting to make it fit Not too much cutting to make it fit
Wiring done All done  


2009 Chevrolet 2500HD Meyer Lot Pro 8 Install

Pulling it in for first thing in the morning Wiring done. Mount done. NO CUTTING.

Finished up late, very late.

  27' straps leaves a lot of slack to tie up.

This customer drove almost 3 hours, rented a car and drove home. He came back the following weekend
and picked up his truck. We loaded the plow on a modified pallet for the long ride home.
This is what he had to say:
"And the customer is happy as can be! Unbelievable attention to detail, an all around pleasant experience!"


2009 Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" Plow Install

Before. This is one reason why it is my favorite install. Plenty of room to mount necessary items in reasonable places with easy access. The headlights and turn signal / markers can even be unplugged without tools!
Same on the passenger side. All done!

Good Morning Chuck,

I want to thank you for the professional service and installation you
provided with the purchase of my Meyer Drive Pro Snow Plow.

It is rare to encounter a business today where the owner and employees are so
proud of the products they sell and the quality of the work they do. It was

I don't know how many people I'll encounter that are looking to buy a snow
plow but be assured I will recommend Smith Brothers Services should the
chance arrive.

Thanks again,

John Fischer


2013 2500HD BOSS Plow install

A LOT of plastic to cut out. Truly a shame that GM and other manufacturers won't take into consideration that when a truck is ordered with "Plow Prep" that all this plastic is in the way. Here is a novel idea, how about have a center panel that just pops out? How about an access hole through the firewall? How about some spare studs on the battery terminals? Plow Prep = NOTHING. There is not one thing that makes installing a plow any easier when a truck is ordered with Plow Prep. A wire tucked up into the headliner for an amber light is no benefit when the light is not getting mounted on the roof


2008 Jeep Wrangler - Meyer Drive Po 6' 8" Plow Install

Hope the aftermarket bumper is not a problem. It sticks out pretty far. Just made it!
Pretty busy up front. All done! Had to fabricate a bracket for the 1 Piece Plow Socket


2013 Dodge Ram 2500 4 door - Meyer Lot Pro 8 Plow - Meyer Blaster 750 Install

Before   Keep in mind those Mopar M shaped tow hooks are for looks only. They only bolt to the bumper brackets, NOT the truck frame. Trust me, you will tweak the bumper if you try to use them.
Mount and wiring done. Front Receiver fabricated and  installed. It left here with the cooler rack installed too. Customer could not wait to move it over from the old truck Because of the lack of accessory circuits, I added a relay (per the Ram Body Builders Guide) to feed to accessories. Just a basic diagram, but you get the idea. This is the FIRST TIME EVER that I have splice into the back of the "cigar lighter plug" in the cab. I didn't want to take any chances with this 2013 and all its sensitive monitors....
Wire out of Whelen light upgraded to 10ga. Heat shrink and loom, and loom clamps to run the wire neatly

Basic diagram of relay wiring.

More pics when the plow and spreader are picked up.

First install of the 2013 - 2014 Season. Local regional high school F-350 Meyer Super V2 Install.


Some 2012 - 2013 Plow Install Pictures

Some 2011 - 2012 Plow Install Pictures

Some 2010 - 2011 Plow Installs


Some Pre- 2010 - 2010 Plow Installs

Jeep Wrangler Plow Installs Page

Toyota Tacoma Plow Installs Page


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