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Added 5-26-17

Removing a Stuck EZ Classic Lift Frame

Unless you have a port-a-power that is strong enough, or a bottle jack that works horizontally, the mount needs to be off the truck.

Yes, it is heavy and awkward to work on. Sawhorses will help. I used the forklift as my adjustable height saw horses.

This Lift Frame was in for so long I had to beat the pins out with a baby sledge.

I usually just cut one slit with a cut off wheel, but since this was in for so long,
I cut a strip out that can easily be welded back in later if necessary (as in the
customer wants to sell the used mount). I cut one slit on the other side.

The arrow is pointing to the stops that are usually welded to the Lift Frame at the factory.
This one they were not there, so I had to weld them on, because that is how we get the
Lift Frame out. The 20 ton bottle jack, moving it from one side to the other, working the Lift frame
out 1/4" - 1/2", then switch sides.

You can see it starting to move. The circle is around the 5/16" bolts taht stop the Lift Frame from rattling.
99.9% of the time these bolts are seized. They will snap off if you try to remove them.
I guess you can heat them, but since we want the Lift Frame, not the mount, I just left them alone.
With the slits cut in the tubes, and the 20 ton jack, they do not make it any harder to get the Lift Frame out..

Other side coming out.

It's out, all done!



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