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Meyer Plow Pump Rebuild - Info*
Updated  3-30-19

E-47/57 and E-60

We encourage you to get your unit to us EARLY because we usually cut off any more units from coming in every year in JULY or AUGUST!

Valid current pricing is on the Rebuild Form

You will receive the pricing that is in effect WHEN YOUR UNIT ARRIVES HERE in our shop. NO EXCEPTIONS!

(Regularly E-46 $160 + parts E-47/E-57 $260.00+parts E-60/E-58H $290.00+parts)

Right now is the best time to have your plow's power unit rebuilt. Don't let it sit until the fall with water and gunk in it. Changing the fluid is not enough to ensure trouble free operation in the future. You cannot get all the gunk out of it by draining the fluid, and flushing usually just loosens the gunk so it can clog the internal screens and passageways. Often letting it sit with no maintenance done will leave you with a seized motor in the fall. It usually takes us 4 - 5 hours to dismantle a pump and clean and test everything, and reassemble. We are very thorough! If your plow is still under the Meyer Factory Warranty, then the fluid must be changed once a year and you need to have proof that it was to keep your coverage in effect! We want to add that just because your pump is working, does not mean that everything is fine. These units do continue to work with defects. Once here in our shop, we will find them. Your unit will not leave with them. Honestly, if you don't want the rebuild done properly, please send it someplace else. We are not being arrogant, it is just that we do it right the first time, or we don't do it at all. Experience has taught us that neither of us will be happy if the job is not done properly.

Typical rebuild includes:

  • New O Rings (Seals)
  • New Lift Ram Packing Cup
  • New Lift Ram Wiper Seal
  • New Nylock nuts on Lift Ram, Tanks Studs, and Pump Studs.
  • Brass Nuts on all Coils
  • New Ground Bolt, Tooth Washer, and Motor Nut(s).
  • Hone Lift Cylinder to remove rust.
  • Adjust Pump output pressure as necessary
  • Overnight Leak-Down Test of Lift Ram ( Most places only test for a few hours IF that.)
  • Blow out all passageways
  • Clean all filter screens
  • Set Crossover Relief Pressure
  • Dismantle and clean motor, check for worn parts and corrosion (E-47 Only).
  • Test all functions on our Plow Pump Test Stand based on OEM Specs, and adjust to OEM Specs.
  • Check Motor Amperage draw.
  • Some other special details we won't share here, but will be glad to point out in person, in e mail, or over the phone.



    While we have your pump, you MUST flush your Angle Rams. We posted two videos on You Tube to better explain how to do it.

    Flush Angle Rams Part 1     Flush Angle Rams - Part 2


    If you want specific parts changed, such as the Motor, Coils, and Valves, Couplers, Hose, etc. just let us know. We normally will only replace them if they need to be replaced.

    New paint and decal* is optional for an additional fee. New Couplers are optional. New Hoses are optional.

    *At this time only E-47, E-57, and E-60 decals are available.

    We are located in Northern New Jersey on Route 94 in Hardyston, NJ in the old Recon Group building, next to Bins & Bays and the old Swing In Deli (now Firehouse Bagels). Less than a mile from North Church Road.

    Located in North Jersey on RT 94 in Hardyston, NJ   


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    Author: Chuck Smith

    * Plus any parts. All pumps will need a seal kit and fluid at minimum. In season rebuild price for E-60 pumps is $280.00.

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