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Meyer Plow Pump Rebuild Form


(Print this form and include it in the box with your pump)

Labor Pricing -
E-46 Models - $160 + Parts. E-47, E-57 Models - $260.00 + Parts. E-60/E-58H Models - $290.00 + Parts 

Name: __________________________

Company: ________________________

Address: _________________________

Address 2: ________________________

City: _____________________________

State: __________________ZIP_________

Phone: _(______)________________

E Mail: ________________________

Plow will Raise -    ___ Yes   ___ No

Plow will creep down - ___ Yes  ___ No

IF yes, straight down? - ___ Yes  ___ No

Plow will angle Right - ___ Yes  ___ No

Plow will angle Left - ___ Yes  ___ No

Are your Angle Rams pitted? ___ Yes  ___ No

Do you have a Pay Pal account? ___Yes ___No

(Pay Pal processes our online Payments, but a PayPal account is NOT required)


***Be sure to drain the pump before you package it. ***

Unit must have two Couplers, or 1 Coupler and 1 hose with Coupler on the end!
The E-58H is the only exception.

**You must drain and flush your angle rams, do it while we have your pump**

Turn around time can be a month or more. Rebuilds are filler work in the shop and take a back seat to other larger jobs. Rebuilds are not a priority. IF you do not hear from us for a month it is because we have not started work on your unit yet. E mail before sending us your pump if you have questions! Be sure to use a durable tag with OUR address on it, in case your packaging gets damaged in shipping. You can print a label with our address on it, and stick it right on the pump. Be sure you clean the area of all oil and grease so the label stays on it. You can also make a tag and attach it to the pump. They have been "lost" before on their way to us. All rebuilds have a 30 day warranty that covers labor only. All new parts we install have a 1 year warranty. Abuse, such as a swollen C Valve is not covered. Not flushing your angle rams will void this warranty. Using ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) in the unit VOIDS our Warranty. Shipping the unit back to us, and shipping back to you after additional repairs are made will be at your expense. Click here for info on the rebuild process. All pumps tested on Truck Test Stand and/or Meyer TC-200 Computerized Stand. PLEASE READ OUR Meyer Plow Pump Rebuild FAQ PRIOR TO SENDING US YOUR PUMPBe sure to add SALES at SMITHBROTHERSSERVICES dot COM to your address book. Check your junk mail folder for our e mails!.

Send pumps to:

Smith Brothers Services, LLC
3212 State Route 94
Suite 9
Franklin, NJ  07416
(973) 209-7569

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