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Added 12-27-10

Frozen Meyer E-60

A customer brought in an E-60 he has had for years. Last year it gave him trouble so he put it aside, in an unheated outbuilding. He brought it to us to rebuild it. We tore it down and found this.

You can see the large chunk of ice in the Sump Base.

Another view of the ice chunk.

Here you can see the damage done (well more of it) because the water was left in the unit for an extended period of time, and froze solid. It cracked the cavity on the side of the Sump Base where the PA Block attaches. That is not so bad, the pump would still work. It is the hairline crack in the filter port that was the killer. What also put the price over the "not worth it" point, was the Lift Ram, and the Lift Cylinder both needed to be replaced as well, and the unit had a single lug motor on it. We stock new E-60 Sump Bases, but after adding up only a portion of the parts necessary for the repairs it exceeded the price of a rebuilt unit we had just finished that was going in our online store this week. So the customer opted to buy the rebuilt unit, and we have some used parts that are still good.

This situation could have been avoided by simply changing the fluid in the unit once a year, and IMMEDIATELY if there are any signs of moisture in it. The Meyer M-1 fluid has anti-icer in it, and will allow some water to mix with the fluid, but when it is allowed to sit, the water will separate much like oil and vinegar will separate over time after mixing. IF you have freeze up symptoms, and you change the fluid in your unit, and find moisture (milky fluid or even plain water) then you also MUST flush your PA Rams as well.


We added 2 Videos to YouTube explaining and showing how to flush your Angle Rams.

Flush Angle Rams Part 1     Flush Angle Rams - Part 2

Meyer E-60 Pump Housing / Sump Base

SKU: M15682

Meyer E-60 Pump Housing / Sump Base

Brand new OEM Meyer E-60 base. Replace your cracked base.


Genuine Meyer

While we are on the subject of freezing cracking pumps, here is a typical crack in the high pressure port on an E-47.

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