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Meyer C Series Plow Pivot Repair

This was "repaired", but the pivot pin was not installed. Seemed easy enough....WRONG!


Meyer C Series Pivot Tube Sleeve Repair

The repair was done with a piece of Schedule 40 pipe. It was not welded in line with the other pivot.

Meyer plow pivot sleeve tube repair

The sleeve that was welded onto the Sector was also Schedule 40 pipe, and it was welded on crooked!

meyer plow sector pivot tube repair

Here is a different angle showing how far off the sleeve on the Sector was welded in.
There is NO way the plow could have tripped like this if it was even possible to get the pin in.
It is CRITICAL that both pivot tubes be inline, and both pivot tubes on the Moldboard be inline
as well. IF they are misaligned, the plow will bind when tripping.

Here you can see how far off it is with a new tube sitting on top of it.

Here you can see the difference in thickness between the Genuine Meyer and the Schedule 40 pipe.

meyer plow pivot sleeve pin tube repair

After cutting open the pivot box on the other side, and heating the sleeve, the pin would not budge.
Standing back and taking a look, the sleeve is slightly bent. It must have happened when they destroyed the other side.

Here is this same side, repaired. We added our trademark grease fitting on the Sector Sleeve.

meyer plow pivot repair

Not pretty, but here is the Schedule 40 sleeve cut out. It was not welded to the rib like the original
one was, plus it was only Schedule 40. It would not have lasted long. They left all the slag
inside the box when they cut out the original sleeve too!

Here it is repaired. Again, our trademark grease fitting, AND we undercoated the back of the Moldboard behind and under the Sector.

Here is a look at the back side of a new Pivot Rib. The Sleeve is welded where it is difficult to cut out from the front,
especially if you don't know it is welded on the back side.

We ended up painting the back of the whole plow. We tried giving it a coat of 3M Paintable Undercoating, then painted over it with Meyer Yellow. We'll see how it holds up now.

Meyer does not sell the sleeves in the pivot boxes on the Moldboard. They used to sell just the pivot boxes with the pivot tubes in them.
Now the only option is to make your own sleeves, or buy a complete Pivot Rib with the box on it already.


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