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Meyer C-8 gets a NEW Skin

Faced with the rising cost of new plows, re-skinning your trusty rusty plow is a viable and often cost effective option. Not many (if any) Meyer Dealers will do it. We do. The skin is a piece of 11 gauge steel we have rolled by our steel supplier. Meyer does not sell steel skins. This plow is approximately 7 years old. The powder coat has exceeded it's lifespan, and is just promoting more rust. This plow was often stored face down on the ground. You can click on any image for a larger version.


When this Meyer C-8 plow (used to be known as the "Husky") arrived, not only did it need a new skin, but the trip Pivot Pins were seized in the Moldboard. The customer cut them with a sawzall, and then tried to get them out himself using a torch. He ended up damaging one of the sleeves (Pivot Tubes) in the process. The Pivot Tubes are not available from Meyer, you must buy the whole rib with the pivot tube already welded in place. We cut a new Pivot Tube from a piece of Schedule 80 steel pipe, and made the repair.
Meyer C-8 plow pivot tubes need to be replaced This is the damaged Pivot Tube. We cut an access hole in the Pivot Box to get to the Tube using our Plasma Torch. Once the access hole is cut, then the tube can be heated with a torch to remove the Pivot Pin. Meyer C-8 pivot pin removal Same thing on the other side. Cut an access hole so the Pivot Tube can be heated to get the pin out.
removing a meyer plow pivot pin After heating, we use a spare new pin as a driver to pound out the old pin using a sledge hammer. Removing the skin from a Meyer plow moldboard We begin by cutting the welds holding the skin on with the Plasma Torch.
As we cut the skin free, we use steel wedges to make sure it is free from the frame. View of the front side of the Moldboard.
The skin is now free from the frame. You can see how much rust has formed inside the ribs in 7 years. Another view.
Unlike the ST Series, the C Series does not have angle iron across the top. The bend in the original moldboard skin was made using a press at the Meyer factory. We cannot duplicate it. We measure down about 1.5" from the top, and cut the skin off. Then we butt the new up to the old and weld it. Welding in a new pivot tube on a Meyer snow plow We use a brand new C Series Sector to position the new Pivot Tube on the left side. Then it is welded in place.
Meyer snow plow C-8 model getting a new pivot tube welded in place Here the new Pivot Tube we cut is ready to be welded in place. There is also a lot of missing steel from when the customer tried to cut out the Pivot Tube himself. It will be repaired with weld. Here is the old skin.
Customer requested the inside of the frame be primed. It was primed with 2 coats of Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer. A better view of the top of the old skin still in place too. new Meyer plow skin cut and ready to be welded in. Here the new skin is cut to size. The holes are cut in the skin for the cutting edge bolts to pass through.
Piece that was cut out of Pivot Rib Box set in place to be welded. Setting piece in place to weld.
All welded and ground. Welded and ground.
Skin tacked in place along top edge. Skin Fully welded. We added about 10 more welds in key areas than it had when it left the factory.
Primed. Caulked to fill the gaps that cause them to rot away. First coat of yellow on the back.
Second coat on the face. Second coat on the Cutting Edge. Second coat on the back. New decals on the back of the Moldboard. Look at the reflection of the shoe bracket! It came out like glass. Not bad for a brush on paint job.
Undercoating on the back where it will be blocked by the Sector. This is where the rust usually starts, and where the old skin was rotted through.    


You can see a Meyer ST-7.5 (aka Meyer ST-90) getting a new skin HERE.

You can see us building a Meyer ST-78 HERE.

Re-skinning FAQ


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